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It`s the day of your first date, and you wake up with a fat, ugly, red zit on the center of your face! You were made fun of at school today for "greasy" hair, and you showered YESTERDAY! Your cry for help was heard. We have decided to share our secrets of the teenage dream! Everything from how to remove acne scars, to when to shower, to plain good eating habits! Need help? Have a suggestion? your opinion is ALWAYS welcome! leave a note in the comments box, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!





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Dye… Or don’t?

Hey WordPress! Sooo…. I’m thinking about dyeing my hair with semi-permanent dye. It’s only $11, and I don’t know what to do. Should I? Comment below!

p.s. The color is ombré pink to purple!🤗


Whasssup, Internet?! I know this might sound silly, but I like to plan my Halloween costumes shortly after the previous one! But… I’ve hit a bit of a bump in the road. I don’t know what to do, which is very unusual for me! So, I was wondering what kind of ideas y’all might have for me! Ok, I’m looking for creepy, but not scary, because I’ll be around lots of little kids, and kids like me, so I don’t particularly wanna ruin that! So, in conclusion, if you have an idea, send a comment! P.S., please no witches, ghosts, zombies, mummies, etc. It’s gonna be a church thing, and, as a pastors daughter, some people might look down on it. Thanks!!!! P.P.S., Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas doesn’t count as a zombie.😉


The Original

The photo above is the original of the portrait I drew, if you`d like to compare the two for accuracy.

Art Time!!!!!!!!!!!

Tardis Blue was suggesting that I share some of my artwork on my page, so I took her advice, and the picture drawn above is a traced then shadowed portrait of me. I did it all on my own! EEEEEEEEE! I gotta say, I didn’t expect it to look very accurate, but there ya go! And if you`re wondering what the original one liked like, I will add that one, too.

Jammin` It Out? Pt. 2

Sup guys?! Back for more? So, I was checking out my friend`s blog, and I noticed that she has multiple posts about music, so I decided to try it out again! Some of my favorites are Secrets and Counting Stars by OneRepublic, Neon Lights by Demi Lovato, La Da Dee by Cody Simpson, Lights and Burn by Ellie Goulding, I Dare You and Fire N Gold by Bea Miller, Demons by Imagine Dragons, Dangerously and We Don`t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth, Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heros (which, btw, is the only song of theirs I would ever suggest), Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara, Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya, and Can`t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. I`d suggest trying them out, and maybe you`ll like some of them!


Advertised Blogs

Hey you guys! Today, I would like to share with you a cool blog I checked out! Tardis Blue is a blog featuring artwork, origami tutorials, Fiddle and Violin YouTube videos, and 9th-10th grade Homeschool essays! It`s all really neat! Well, I hope you will check it out!


It`s The New Year!

Hey Hey, WordPress! Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas was special, and that you never forgot what Christmas is really about! Well, I was wondering, what are some of your New Year resolutions? Some of mine include waking up every morning and praying that I will show everyone around me who Jesus is through my actions, cleaning the house for ten minutes every morning and night, to stop procrastinating (being lazy and putting off work), and to finish everything I start! Now, if you feel like it, you can share some of yours! Click on the Comment button below, then share a few of yours here! Who knows, I might find some of them interesting, and maybe talk about them a little later!


It`s Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, WordPress! It has come to my attention that some of the followers of this blog are parents, so here is one frequently asked question: what do I get my teen for Christmas? Good question! Well, it`s certainly not a Barbie! It actually depends on who it is. Personality is everything. For instance, I asked for art supplies, because that is just who I am! But if, as a parent, you aren’t sure, or as teen, you don`t know, money, iTunes, and coffee cards are almost always appreciated! Oh, and also, don`t forget to put the receipt in the gift. By doing this, it shows your child that if they aren’t satisfied with what they got, you are open to returning it to get something else. This is something my parents do, and it makes me feel good. Now that we`ve covered that, I can now return to my world of all things teen!;) If you are all into those feel-good holiday drinks at Starbucks, I can help you out there! My favorites are the Creme Brulé Frappuccino and the Eggnog Chai. They are amazing!  Holiday clothes shopping? Gotta look awesome for that party at your friend`s house? YAAAASSSSSSS! That so happens to be my sweet spot! I know for a fact that Walmart and Target always carry really cute clothes. Parents, if you are still reading this, I know what you’re thinking. On behalf of all teens, PLEASE NO CHRISTMAS THEMED SOCKS! :0 Not cool, Mom and Dad. Not. Cool. #Christmasfail. If you are looking for a White Elephant Christmas party gift, ShopKo is the ABSOLUTE best place to find hilarious yet useless gifts! As an example, a color-changing nightlight for your toilet bowl! 😉 Well, I hope this can be of some help to you! Blog you soon!



Acne Attack!

Oh yes! Dun dun Duuun! The bane of every teenager in the world!😭😭😭 Including this teenager! I’ve run into some bad cases of the greasy, red, disgusting things myself. So, as I am trying to figure my way around these, I’ve found a TON of stuff on YouTube, and just by personal experiences. Oh yes, peoples. I have experimented!😨😨😨 It is a little scary, not knowing what will happen. But anyway! Back to where we were…  For one, counting your pimples just makes you feel worse. So don’t even think about it. I know you’ve done it! Stop it! Next, I am gonna give you some remedies, but first, a bit of advice. Don’t overdo it, no matter how many things mess it doesn’t work. Wait a day or two between treatment , or you’ll dry up your skin, or make your pimples worse. Trust me, both have happened to me!😖 Ok, here are some of the remedies. One, toothpaste! Apply this to your acne spots after holding ice to them for five minutes. If you have a lot, you may just want to wear the toothpaste like a face mask, but only leave it on, whether it’s a face mask or just spots, for a max of two hours. Some sites will tell you otherwise, but don’t listen to them! It will make your acne really red! Also, only use the white toothpaste, not the transparent gel stuff. Two, tomatoes! Tomatoes contain acid, which will wear away at your pimples. Cut a tomato, whether a Roma tomato or a grape tomato, it doesn’t matter, in half, and spread the juice on your acne. Leave this on for a max of thirty minutes. Any more than that, and it will only irritate your skin. Three, Baking Soda Face Mask! Using a measuring cup, pour two thirds of a cup of baking soda into a small bowl. Then, pour one third of a cup of water into the bowl, and mix them together. Afte this is done, spread it onto your face like a mud mask. Warning: it will burn, because it’s baking soda! Be careful not to get it into your eyes or mouth, and only leave it on until it dries. After that, use a wet washcloth and gently scrubb it off your face. Your face will be a little pink, as the baking soda acts as an exfoliator, but that’s natural. And last, but not least, Toilet paper! Yes, I know it sounds gross, but it isn’t. About once or twice a day, take some toilet paper and gently rub your face with it to rid it of excess oil. And now, before I go, som friendly tips. One, when you’re in the shower, never use your loofa to wash your face! Studies prove that the loofa is one of the most bacteria-filled item you will find in your bathroom! Even more than your toilet seat! People who use their loofa to wash their face get pink eye and other diseases from this yucky thing! Two, don’t touch your face! This is part of why you have these pimples! Your face is already oily enough as it is (no offense) without you getting your hand oil and dirt on it as well! Three, in place of the loofa to wash your face, if you go to Etsy, Hub City crafts, you can buy a handmade, yeah, machine washable face scrubby! You can also get yarn washable loofas there, too. Ok, well, I hope you guys will find this advice helpful! I have tons more, so if you need it, leave me a note in the comments box, and I should respond back pretty soon!


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